Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trying For The Perfect Shot

Why does John Russel always make this silly smile?

This one, too. It looks like he's straining or something.

This is the one he gave me after I told him to open his eyes.

FFFForget it Mama! You'll never get the perfect shot!

But sometimes it just happens. When you least expect it.

Some people are just naturals.

Sometimes it's the age of the subject.

And sometimes.....well, sometimes the goofier the better...I guess!

Try looking up at me, son. Like this, Mama?

Look at me! I'm so goofy. There's nothing like being Seven!


Jamie said...

awe, i miss yall so much!

Molly said...

yep, we know all about those perfect shots here too! I felt like I was taking pictures of a bunch of jack o lanterns sometimes!