Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Things Southern

We have been so busy lately. This is a good thing. It means that we have gotten into a routine and have met new people. I have been very involved with the PTO and the kids with school and soccer. Every day our schedule has some crazy event or another. This has allowed us to meet so many new people. Just last night I realized that two people on the PTO board live down the street from me. It seems like such a small world, but really we just live in a small town. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know. It's nice, actually. The more people we get to know the friendlier everyone has become.

This has been such a good change for us. It has made all of us realize that the people, although different from the south, are really very similar to us in many ways. Things may be a little different and the people here go about things a little differently, but that isn't always "bad"...just different. I think it's good to branch out of our comfort zone. It makes all of us more well rounded.

Our new friends like the differences we have to offer, too. They love to hear our Southern accents. They love to hear me say Mae's name. One girl told me that she never knew the word Bar-B -Q could sound so beautiful. They think some of the "stuff" we do and say is so neat and funny. I hope we don't loose all of our southern "culture" while here in the southwest. I'm sure I won't, but the kids are already picking up some of the "local sayings". Just the other day John Russel asked me if he could have a soda. A "what" I thought. He was wanting a coke. Too funny.

Oh well, I guess it's OK if the children pick up a little bit of our new culture while we are here. Being free spirited and loving the outdoors is actually a great attribute. I will, however, just DIE if they loose their little southern accents. Now that would be a catastrophe. I'll do my best to keep that one going. After all, how could they possibly loose something that their mother carries so strongly.

So, I'll keep on using my southern accent with my favorite southern phrases as much as possible. And, I'll just worry about their accents tomorrow after all tomorrow is another day!!

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