Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandmothers Legacy

I was just reading a blog and it was named after a saying that the author's grandmother used to say. I was immediately captivated by this. It made me start thinking of my grandmothers and how much they have impacted my life. Even though they are no longer here on earth with me, I think about them both on a daily basis. I know that we will all be together again some day, but I really do miss them a great deal. I am so blessed to have had these two marvelous southern ladies in my life. They were different in so many ways, but both taught me how to be who I am today. (which I hope is a marvelous southern lady, myself)

My Memaw was so crafty. She could cook, sew, and do most any "crafty" thing. She loved to grow things in her yard, which was glorious by they way. She always had a garden and she loved animals. She even had a pet squirrel. She was so very funny and loved to play jokes. She would make scavenger hunts for us at Easter and she would let me help her sew. She made me sweaters and dresses and dolls. I could go on and on. She was so precious to me. My memory is so full of all the gifts both material and immaterial that she has given me. Her voice, I still remember. I can still hear her joking with Big Pop about his rocking chair, if I let my mind drift back a little. I'm a better person for knowing her. Her gifts she has passed on have made me who I am today.

My Big Anne was so loving. She wasn't the type to smother you with hugs and kisses, but she loved us like no tomorrow. She just showed it differently. She loved to cook and take care of people. We lived next door growing up and we visited her daily. She had a fabulous southern home and she was as beautiful as it was. She never threw anything away, which was fabulous for me because that meant tons of "stuff" to play with. My favorite was her "dress up clothes". She would let us play with anything in the entire house, except one special drawer. This drawer was the only organized thing in the house. I'm not sure what special things she kept in there, but we didn't dare go near it. She loved her social clubs and was a member of just about all the town had to offer. I'm a better person for knowing her. Her gifts she has passed on have made me who I am today.

I think about my children's grandmothers, mine and Rusty's mother. What gifts do they have to offer? Oh, so many. I'm sure my children's list would be different than mine. That's the fun thing about grandmothers. The gifts they give are as unique as the women they are. Grandchildren get to experience them in a total different way than we do and did. I can't wait to see how my children are shaped by their grandmothers. I know that their great grandmothers would be proud!


Mimi said...

That was so sweet to remember them both. Today is mother's birthday. She would have been 84. Dixie is 83, not so old. It is hard to believe she has been gone 18 years in November. You probably have forgotten the sound of her voice. I see her everytime I walk by the mirror.

selle said...

So ironic that you wrote this on Big Anne's birthday!! I loved it. I do have great memories too. Love you!Selle