Thursday, September 4, 2008

Snaggle Tooth

OK, So I've told you about John Russel loosing his tooth. It's not his first, it's his third actually, but it makes him look so different. I guess it's because it's his top front tooth. I don't know, but he looks so strange sometimes. I'll catch myself doing a double take to see if that's my son sitting in the backseat. (UH OH, did I rush some other little boy in the minivan after school? He sounds like John Russel...but something's different?) He even talks differently. Of course the hole makes him have a little lisp, but it's also the way he's holding his mouth as he forms his words. I just stare at him as he tells me how he made a goal at soccer practice, or how he made his friends laugh at school like he's this new little boy that has come to live with me. It's so WEIRD!!!! All you mothers out there probably have experienced this strange phenomenon, why didn't any of you warn me?? Don't get me wrong, I love how he is changing and growing. It's just such a drastic change all at once. At least the other changes occur slowly. I like how God does this. He uses these little things to show us that he's in charge, and he can still surprise even the most seasoned mother. I can't wait for the shocker of how he's going to look with those big chicklet permanent teeth. At least that will be a slower more gradual change. I have a feeling I'll be just as shocked!

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maribeth said...

okay, so when i saw the pictures from the weekend, i thought john russell looks so mature, but now-oh my gosh, he doesn't even look the same. y'all haven't even been gone 6 months and they are growing so much!!