Friday, September 5, 2008

Isn't HE Pretty?

I know many of you have experienced having some stranger call your baby by the wrong sex. You are shopping in Wal-Mart and some grandma-ish person comes up and says, "Awww! She's just precious!" Your response is either, "Thank you." or my favorite, "Yes, we think HE's just beautiful." You could have them in blue from head to toe with baseballs and monster trucks and it still would make no difference. This usually stops around 18 months or so. Not us. Everyone here thinks Will is a girl!! It could be the state in which we are currently living. I don't think anyone has ever heard of a john john or smocking. If they have you can bet they are from the South. Little boys are decked out in khakis and button downs as newborns here. There is no concept of real "baby" clothes. It could also be his hair. He does have great hair, and I do keep it cut kinda long. Girly though, I don't think so. Finally, it could just simply be that he is just plain gorgeous and no human could possible imagine a boy acquiring all of that beauty. Who knows? All I can tell you is that it's getting pretty funny. Both of my children's teachers have made comments about Mae and John Russel's little sister. People in the grocery store tell me how pretty SHE is daily. Strangers on the street comment on HER shiny hair frequently. Come on people. My usual response of, "I know HE is pretty," is getting very old fast. I'm loosing my amusement with this. Rusty is now at the point of telling me I need to cut his hair. HORRORS!! I will not resort to that!

I guess I'll have to keep on living with this. I will NOT cut his hair, nor will I stop dressing him in john johns and smocked outfits. Who knows if it would make much difference anyway. I'll just take it like a mama and realize that it's simply because he's so beautiful. Who knew beauty would be so hard!


jennifer said...

Don't you give in! You keep on dressing him like a little boy should!

maribeth said...

stick to your guns, girl! every child deserves to be a baby first. and you are right, the other day miller had on a yankee hat, navy t-shirt and madras plaid shorts and someone said "oh, what beautiful girls you have!" seriously. seriously. i give up! he will just have to be pretty.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

HE is beautiful. :) I know how you feel...we got this from one particular person, every single week, over and over, when our little girl was a baby. She was always dressed in girly colors, and had hats and bows in her hair, and still, every time, we heard, "Oh, he's precious!" After awhile it was just plain funny. Ah well!