Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go to Sleep My Sweet, Sweet Will!

*The title of this post is a song I made up when John Russel was a baby. I have sung it for all of the children. Now we sing it to each other.*

Will loves to take a nap. He loves his bed. He loves his muckus (his blanket). And....unfortunately he loves his pass (his pacifier). He will run up to me and say, "Take a nap, Mommy, take a nap." He'll even do this at night time when it's time for bed. It's amazing. If it's around nap time or if he's looking tired all I have to do is ask, "Are you sleepy, Will?" He'll answer, "Yes, Mommy, take a nap."I'm almost afraid to talk about it out loud for fear he will morph into a normal two year old in the particular area. I added that last part because he is a typical two year old in most other areas. He can throw a huge tantrum and run off at top speed toward a parking lot or hit a friend for no apparent reason. His little personality is pretty easy going though, or maybe it's the third time around thing that make him a little easier than his brother and sister. He's still in his crib which he will stay in until he is five... unless he climbs out, and he does still have the dreaded pacifier. Hey, why mess with perfection?

I know one day I'll be yelling upstairs, "Will, get up you're going to be late for school!!" He will probably be the biggest bear when it comes to sleep. Oh well, I'll take it!

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