Sunday, September 28, 2008

Funny Funny Mae

Today we were sitting around the table eating lunch. The conversation was lively as usual. We were all dressed in our "play clothes". Rusty's shirt had a hole in his left arm pit. (I've been trying to get rid of it, but he insists on wearing it) Anyway, he gets up to get something from the refrigerator and Mae notices his hole. She then proceeds to tell us this story. It goes something like this:

You know, Dillon, my friend, had a hole in his shirt in his arm pit. We were doing exercises in our classroom and he lifted his hands up and there it was! (a few seconds of thought provoking silence) I guess he just blew it out. Or maybe his Mom busted it out with the hanger.

Now, you have to understand. Dillon is a little on the heavy side and has the cutest round face with huge blue eyes. Blond messy hair completes his appearance.

I thought this was sooo funny. I couldn't contain my laughter. Mae is my little observer and nothing gets by her. She's just plain funny, funny!!

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