Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here Comes The Rain Again!

The monsoons are here. The rainless days are over just like everyone told us they would be. The rain comes usually every evening and with it many other surprises. You wouldn't believe the insects that have come out with the rain. I don't know if they've been hibernating or if the water has somehow caused them to multiply, but I don't ever remember being so annoyed by them. The moths are insane the way they flock to the porch lights. There are also these little beetle like bugs that will light on you without you knowing it until hours later when you feel this light little tickle. We have since discovered that the big "cockroaches" that I wrote about earlier are actually palo verde bugs. They supposedly come out of the mountains when there is a fire there. All I know is ....EWWWW! Also there are so many frogs. We are used to these, but to see them hopping around and to hear them at night is amazing. What I find most interesting about the rain is the sky. I think it's because you can see for miles around. The cloud formations are truly outstanding. It's something that you can't quite capture in a picture. Sometimes you will see huge black rain clouds that are surrounded by white cumulus clouds with another part of the sky just as blue as a hydrangea blossom. Then you may see a rain shower coming down a few miles away with the sun shining down on you like it hadn't rained for a year. The clouds love the mountains, too. It's so wonderful to see them swirling around the mountains like smoke. I will never get tired of looking at this amazing phenomenon. Then there is the lightening. We call it God's fireworks. It is like nothing you have ever seen. Huge streaks shatter across the sky making zigzag patterns that light up the earth below.

I never knew I would enjoy looking at the sky like this. I've never been a weather watcher, but in this new environment I feel like a weatherman in a wonderful dream. It is truly mesmerizing. God has given us another gift to savor in our wonderful new home.

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