Monday, July 7, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This picture is so funny to me. I was trying to get the kids to pose with their circus "stuff" so I could add it to my story about the circus I was planning to write. Even though we had a blast at the circus I thought this silly picture told a much better story.

The three children seated on the couch are posing for their mother. Look around and you'll see all the little details that make up their life. First you may notice the elephant cup and circus hat the two older children are wearing. They obviously are very proud of their circus trip. Then your eyes may drift over to the youngest on the couch. Why is he so upset? Well, the answer quite simply is that he wanted to hold the elephant cup. Then you may notice they are wearing pajamas. They have just awaken from their night after the circus. Yes, those are sponge bob PJ's Will is wearing! (Hilarious!) The eldest child, you may notice, is wearing footy socks from a previous foot injury. He must wear these silly things to keep his wound clean. (Even funnier!) Then you may notice the messy counters in the back. This is not from lack of cleaning from the mother of the house. These counters seem to attract objects like a magnet. It could be anything as you can see. You may notice the wipes. They were place there to remain out of reach of the curious two year old who delights in pulling every single one of them out of the box to "clean" every surface he can find. Right beside the wipes is a library book to return along with the TV remote control placed there by the Mother of the house in order for it not to be eaten by the couch. There are also some unidentified papers that the Father of the house deemed too important to throw away, yet he will not put them in a more appropriate place.(Like in the garbage!) You may notice a green hairy blob over on the left hand side of the counter. That is Froggy, Mae's beloved stuffed animal of the moment. She, unfortunately, was forgotten after breakfast.

This small snapshot has captured a small moment of the lives of these three individuals. As you can see, "A picture is worth a thousand words." (All hilarious!)

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