Tuesday, July 22, 2008


*Oh No! Not Wal-Mart, again!*
Why is it that when people go to Wal-Mart they feel like they can "come as you are"? We have been visiting Wal-Mart quite frequently lately due to it's close proximity and the great prices. I would much rather shop at our neighborhood grocery store, which I still do, but because of the prices I am drawn to Wal-Mart. It always fills me with dread to have to go. Don't get me wrong. I find lots of great deals, but the shopping experience is dreadful! People must feel right at home at Wal-Mart because they seem to show up in the craziest get-ups. I have found this commonality from one end of the country to the other. Literally. I have seen people wearing house shoes, children in PJ's (OK I did do this one time), and bathing suits. I have seen shower caps, hair rollers, and of course no make-up. I have seen greasy clothes, dirty clothes, and people with too little clothes. You name it I think I've seen it at Wal-Mart. Why is this? Who knows. Maybe it's the roll back prices or the constant disarray of the store. Maybe they feel like that if Wal-Mart doesn't put forth the effort, why should they. I'm not sure, but I find this so very interesting. Also, another thing I always encounter at Wal-Mart is a screaming child. (OK, I've contributed here, too) Anytime I'm shopping at the friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart I hear some child's blood curdling scream somewhere in the distance. Doesn't seem so friendly huh? I always wonder what they want or what happened. The sad thing is I don't even feel sorry for the child. My heart just aches for that poor mother trying to get through her Wal-Mart list as fast as possible.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm the only person who's noticed these little things. I just find it so interesting, like some sort of social experiment. (The female humans rush to the store in houseshoes to provide for their family) Oh well, I guess I need to find my house shoes because I need to make another Wal-Mart run. If I can't beat 'em I should join 'em. Right? Shopping in house shoes does seem fabulous to me.


jennifer said...

HA!!! Funny post!

David and I call that nasty and utterly exhausted feeling you get at Wal-Mart the "Wal-Mart Flu". Maybe it's the lights...maybe it's the craziness of the store... who knows.

I hate Wal-Mart.

maribeth said...

what about the "after hours" walmart shoppers? you know the ones shopping for what appears like fun who tote alone their infant/toddler/child who should have been in bed hours ago. they have plastic bins or toys in their cart, or on occasion, groceries. the crying child in the front is eating from an unpurchased bag of food and the mom opens the gallon of milk to pour it in the bottle. ugh! i just hate going, but there are some things you can't find anywhere else and they definitely have good prices. thank goodness it is too far away to justify going often! i (heart) target!

jennifer said...

i'm one of those moms with who gives her screaming kid an un-purchased bag of food to munch on now. and i KNOW that i've opened a milk container to pour into a bottle before! i've become that "mom". oh no...desperation does terrible things to you.