Tuesday, July 1, 2008

John Russel's Toe

We've had another crazy day here at the Workman house. I decided that today would be a great day to stay in and get some much needed housework accomplished. I had cleaned the bathrooms and was folding some laundry when I heard a huge CRASH! I ran in the den to see my little monkey dish in a million pieces on the floor. Will had thrown a toy right at it knocking it off the table onto the tile floor. I made the kids sit on the couch while I attempted to pick up all the pieces. I moved the chairs swept the floor, then moved the table and swept some more. I then swept the carpet and then went over the entire area again hoping to get all the little tiny shards of glass. Then I decided to take a bath. I was thinking I would mop the floor when Will took a nap. That was my plan. Then I heard blood curdling screaming coming from the den. John Russel came running in the bathroom holding his foot screaming the entire way. I looked down and it was covered in blood! "Oh, No!" I thought, "What in the world!" He then sat down and I got a towel to put on his foot. He then said, "Go get the glass before someone else steps on it!" I thought, "Yes, right." I couldn't even think clearly through my panicked state. Now, I'm not one to usually panic at things like this. I'm usually in control, but this time... Oh My! I then ran to the den, stark naked mind you, to retrieve the piece of glass before it butchered someone else. When I made it back to John Russel, only seconds later, there was a puddle of blood on the floor. I then threw on clothes and carried him to the car. I told Mae to grab Will's shoes and get to the car. As I climbed into the driver seat I thought, "Now what! Where do I go?" I didn't know how to get to the closest Minor Med. So I called my neighbor. No answer. I then called Rusty and frantically told him what had happened. He then told me to hang on while he tried to find out the best place to go. In the meantime, I called our pediatrician's office. They told me to go to the closest Minor Medical office. (the pediatrician is 30 minutes away) Rusty called back and told me to go to St. Mary's hospital. I thought, "No, I don't want to wait in an emergency room." So, I called the pediatrician back and they told me to come in. The entire tense ride was nothing short of crazy. John Russel would get quiet and I would look back at him to see if he was OK. He would then say something outlandish like only a drama queen would. Something like, "Oh, I never want to see the color red again!" Rusty met us there and took John Russel back to see the doctor. A few minutes went by as I sat on pins and needles. I was just asking myself, "Why didn't I go back with him," when I heard the screaming. I looked up and the girls behind the desk looked up at the same time. I instantly recognized those cries like only a mother would. I could have crawled out of my skin! A few minutes later they emerged from the back, Rusty carrying a smiling John Russel. John Russel proclaimed, " Mom, I was so brave!" I thought, "Oh, really?" Needless to say three stitches later, all is again right with the world.

It only takes something so minor (thank goodness) to shake you to your core. Even though it was only three little stitches, I realize how quickly a normal day can turn. It makes me realize how vulnerable we all are, and at the same time how strong. Thank goodness everything is going to be alright. John Russel's stitches will come out next week and we now know where the hospital is in case of a huge emergency.

He's doing great, and is so proud of his stitches. He wants to call everyone and tell them his story. So if we haven't talked to you yet, give us a call. You'll get to hear the story in his words while I have a much needed glass of wine!


jennifer said...

hey ann! so glad i found your blog!!! we miss you!

The Reyna Family said...

Tre has had stitches this summer also! 8 in his chin, after seeing the Hulk movie with Art, he was trying to immitate some of his moves and ended up falling in the living room. We spent 9 hours in the ER!

Our little boys are so brave!

We miss you guys!

william said...

What an adventure yall are all on. It is amazing how self reliant we can become when we don't have anyone to tell us what we should do.

william said...

mimi told me all abot it. I miss you. love , marysell&conlee