Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lost Treasure

* There's treasure at the end of every raindbow*

I was having a major clean out moment yesterday. I cleaned out my drawers and rearranged my closet. (It's outlandish the stuff that I found and have held onto for so long.) As I worked on my closet I noticed my little red purse hanging on a hanger. This purse came with Will's diaper bag. When I wasn't using his bag as my purse I would use the little red one. It is very small and doesn't hold much. I haven't used it since I've been here, having adopted another one for those rare occasions when I get to go out by myself having no use for the diaper bag. I worked around it for awhile sorting dresses here, filing t-shirts there, and hanging pants over there. Then I thought, "You don't belong here, little red, you belong on the top shelf with the other purses." So as I took it off the hanger it felt heavy. I new right then it was filled with treasure. What treasure could a purse hold, you may ask. Oh let me just tell you. I have a habit of not cleaning out my purses when I move on to another one. I take the essentials out-wallet, keys, favorite lipstick of the time, but I leave whatever I don't need in the old one. So I sat down in the floor of my closet to find a comfortable spot for looking through my time capsule. I new that this little red purse was going to take me back in time to the person I was a few short months ago. I think the last time I used this purse was around November or early December. I unzipped the zipper and purse smell drifted up to my eager nostrils. It was filled to the brim. Here is a list:

A Target and a Starbucks receipt from early November of last year.

A business card from some friends that started their own children's party business.
A little piece of paper that John Russel had written his name on.

A key chain from Hope's Women's Ministry.

A snowman eraser.

An iridescent plastic mauve beaded necklace.

Two pens.

A mint from Abuelos. Also a wrapper for one of those mints already eaten.

A note from a girl from my old job asking for some CEU hour forms.

An orange starburst.

A medicine top.

Two sample of Eucerin Calming Cream.

Two barretts. (one for me and one for Mae)

A red pacifier.

I tube of lip gloss.

Two stickers from Hope's children's ministry received when I put the kids in, but failed to return. (How did I get my kids out?)

And then (I've saved the best for last) a fortune from a fortune cookie that says........

"You will move to a wonderful new home within a year."

You may think all of this is crazy nonsense, but I loved looking in my purse. Each item took me back to November or early December of last year. It's so funny how little things can do this for me, but they can and did. I had the best time yesterday. After looking at all of these precious items I did the unthinkable. I placed all of them back in little red and placed it all on my top shelf. Now, maybe in a few months, or years I'll pull little red back down or find another discarded purse and loose myself in my old found treasures.


selle said...

I loved this! So funny and I can really relate. How ironic about your fortune. You are in a wonderful new home - but at that time we thought it would be somewhere different. Funny how things work! God has blessed you all. Keep writing - it's my favorite thing!
Love you all,

Margaret said...

Hey's Margaret! I love this story, so sweet and who doesn't love going back in time if even for a few moments. Hope you are well.