Monday, July 28, 2008

Just What Brothers Do!

John Russel has learned a new trick. One he's been trying to master for years now. A trick that he has admired his older cousins and even his Daddy do with boyhood wonder. What new little milestone has he reached, you ask? Well... the dreaded underarm poot! Oh how proud he is of himself. He does it constantly, so much that we've had to tell him he can only do it at home or in the car.

All the "boys" (Rusty included) have been sitting around trying to see who can make the loudest poot sound. Poor Will is only able to use his mouth. (Even though he uses his mouth on any surface that will make a sound) Rusty of course is still King of the poot sounds. I will have to say that John Russel is gaining on him. In a few years I think Rusty will be out-pooted.

Mae is, of course, utterly disgusted, as am I. She said, "Mama, Why do boys like to poot?" She then answers her own question, "I guess that's just what brothers do." I answer, "Yes, Mae. Sorry to say that they do." (Sorry William)

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maribeth said...

oh, hysterical!!! and, i know my day will come, too! ugh, how i dread all these boy things that they do as they get older. but i guess mae is right, boys will be boys.