Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Raining like Hail Out There!

*We love the rain!*

*OOOO! Hail!

*Our street/river*

*The flooded wash behind our house.*

The monsoon season is here. It rains almost every afternoon, now. I have written about this and all of the lovely creatures it has brought us. Yesterday, however, it absolutely poured. After about 30 minutes of straight down pouring I heard the tink tinkling of sleet on the windows. Mae and I went outside on our back patio to explore. It was amazing to see the little sleet balls bouncing off our rock yard. A few pieces even bounced onto the patio where we were standing. I told her it was hail. She was fascinated by it. We then looked out front and saw a small river rolling down our street. John Russel then joined in the fun. We all opened the front door, but we couldn't go far because of the sheets of water pouring off of our roof. We did see the little sleet/hail balls on the front mat that hadn't melted yet. We were all so very excited by such a sight. We then went upstairs to look out the back windows at the wash behind our house. You see, Arizona has washes where all the rainwater goes. We were told they fill up during the monsoons, but I just couldn't believe it due to the size of the washes. But, of course, the wash was filled to the brim with water. We couldn't believe it. These washes can be very dangerous and the streets flood due to the heavy rains. People get washed away in them all the time. On the news you will see people getting rescued daily. It's so very scary, so we don't venture out in the rain or in the afternoon for fear of getting caught.

Our neighbor came over in the middle of all the excitement. When she came in Mae informed her, "It's raining like hail out there!" Oh well, she was right on all accounts!

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jennifer said...

lol at mae's comment!!! so cute!